DEBT or TAXES 4/27/09

The reason for the government is to provide security.                                                            They do a lot of other stuff like schools and roads                                                                      but the main thing is too maintain order.                                                                              Chaos isn’t good for babies.                                                                                                           Law and order is much better.                                                                                                         So the government is providing these services                                                                           and that cost money.                                                                                                                          So we provide ourselves with a level of services                                                                                                        that maintains civil order and we collect taxes to pay for it.                                                   Sort of.                                                                                                                                            Nobody wants to pay taxes.                                                                                                             We got the uberpatriots waving flags. Love it or leave it and all that.                                  The American People …. blah, blah , blah                                                                                      But these American people don’t want to pay taxes.                                                                   The tax bill comes in and we say                                                                                                     “let the other guys pay”                                                                                                                     but all the other guys                                                                                                                                 don’t want to pay either.                                                                                                         Everyone wants the services                                                                                                                      but no one wants to pay for it.                                                                                                              A  GREAT IDEA comes along……….Let future generations pay for it.                                       They’re just kids,                                                                                                                           maybe not even born yet.                                                                                                             They don’t know shit.                                                                                                                           by the time they figure it out                                                                                                         we’ll be dead and gone.                                                                                                                That kid over there on the tricycle                                                                                                just borrowed a few hundred grand.                                                                                                 By the time he gets old enough to understand compound interest, it won’t matter.              To us.                                                                                                                                                   We’ll be dead ……….or nodding out in a nursing home …….paid for by medi-care.            What happened?   Isn’t there a responsible parent in the whole government?                       Are there no responsible parents among the citizenry?                                                          Who the hell came up with the idea that we would enjoy the benefits of all these services                                                                                                                                and some one else would pay for the whole thing later,                                                          with interest.                                                                                                                                       We got these Nobel winning economists that don’t seem to understand income.              Someone has got to make something out of sunshine and rocks and water                           or we won’t have anything.                                                                                                     Sunshine, rocks and water is all there is.                                                                              We’ve got some atomic power                                                                                                        and some hydrocarbon power                                                                                                      and some gravity power                                                                                                                    but life is sunshine energizing rock and water.                                                                           The sunshine is income                                                                                                                                       and the rock and water are capitol goods.                                                                        Information Economy …. HA!                                                                                                          Like we’re going to print out some food off the internet for lunch?                                         How about we send the electric company some virtual dollars                                                    to pay the light bill?                                                                                                                              In the budget process you have expenses (spending)                                                                   and you have income (taxes).                                                                                                                 If your expenses exceed your income                                                                                               then you have debt.                                                                                                                               In working out the budget                                                                                                                             you can adjust the spending                                                                                                                   and taxes to balance.                                                                                                                           Or you can spend more than you collect in taxes                                                                         and you have a deficit.

The national debt is government spending that exceeded the taxes collected.                        We can’t unspend the money. The national debt is uncollected taxes.

We’ve got this big debate on why does anyone need a twenty round magazine.                    Isn’t five rounds enough?

The better question is why does anyone need a billion dollars.                                               Isn’t five hundred million enough?

The national debt is uncollected taxes.

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Behind The S Word – Is There Hope For Solar?

Honest to God.  I get an E-mail newsletter from The Energy Collective and they have a podcast entitled ” Is There Hope For Solar?”.  How about “is there hope for oxygen?”  Or maybe “is there hope for water”

Sunshine is the only income this planet has got.                                                                                  All the stored fossil fuels are ancient sunlight.                                                                                   All the food we eat is sunlight.                                                                                                    The weather is powered by sunlight.                                                                                                The oxygen we breath is liberated by sunlight.                                                                            This is a SOLAR SYSTEM in more ways than just the motion of bodies of matter around each other.  What could they possible mean? Is there hope?  Where does hope come in to all this.  Can we feed our kids hope sandwiches?  Will hope keep the house warm this winter?

If your setting inside nice and warm this winter with food on the table it’s because of sunshine.  Hope’s got nothing to do with it. Hope is what you have when you got nothing else.

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There’s plenty to be concerned about with PEAK OIL and GLOBAL WARMING and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and all that, but try to explain that to a mother with small children.  Mothers don’t want to go there. They’re all programed to raise these kids to be self sufficient and produce grandkids.  We’ve got a few hundred million of these mother types that have this thing called women’s intuition and that means that something inside them is telling them that something isn’t right.  They can’t see this future that has the grandkids in it  and someone needs to fix that. It’s the old story that if momma isn’t happy ain’t nobody going to be happy.  Well Dad, even if he’s got a clue, can’t fix it because this is a big problem.  Mom doesn’t know or care about the size of the problem.  She doesn’t care about excuses.  She just wants it fixed.  She has her ways of letting Dad know that she’s not happy.  Dad don’t know what the problem is except that mom’s a bitch. Kids are clueless and just want more stuff that they see on Virtual World.  Dad’s worried about his job, if he still has one, or just worried period if he doesn’t.  The RECOVERY is in the news but that’s the only place it is.  Out in the world some people are stocking up on beans and rice and ammo.  And some people shut the whole thing out of their mind. Most days on Earth are pretty much like the day before.  But all days are not like the day before.  April 18 was nothing like April 17 in San Francisco in 1906.      One day is just a regular day and then the earthquake hits and levels everything. Dec.6,1941 was a dawn in paradise on the island of Oahu.  Dec.7,1941 was a dawn with planes dropping bombs and strafing ships and sailors with machine guns. Occasionally today is not like yesterday at all.

It just doesn’t take a PhD to see that limitless growth on a finite planet does not compute.  Its right there with division by zero. So why can’t all these people that get paid big money because they are smart see that.  The moms know something isn’t right but they don’t know what it is.   The smart people in Washington, and Cambridge, and Palo Alto keep talking about a recovery.  These smart people keep saying that things will get back to normal in a few more quarters.  Does that mean we’re going to bring back a few million manufacturing jobs from overseas or what?  Does that mean we’re going to take Iran’s oil so we can keep our cars on the road?   What is wrong with these smart people?  They act like they’re on another planet from the rest of us.

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The owner’s manual of my 1999 Camry has a large message box on page three that states:

“As the installation of a mobile two-way radio system in your vehicle could affect electronic systems such as multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system, cruise control system, anti-lock brake system, SRS airbag  system and seat belt pretensioner system, be sure to check with your Toyota dealer for precautionary measures or special instructions regarding installation.”

When those Toyotas were taking off on their own and making the news with the crashes, they were on NPR for weeks with explanations like the floor mats were sticking the accelerator  and the linkage needed lubrication. They just didn’t know what could be the problem. Maybe they should check their owner’s manuel.

Can we assume that there are certain parties that do not want to think about the impact of  radio frequency (RF) radiation that blankets our urban areas.  Cell phone interests seem the avoid the “R” word like the plague but that doesn’t change the fact that cell phones are two-way radios. If they were concerned about RF interference over ten years ago, as indicated by my owner’s manuel, imagine the state of interference today with many times more cell phones and wi-fi and wireless everything.


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Some time back in the eighties I read in the newspaper that some of the worlds top economists and government financial leaders were meeting somewhere to finalize rules for the implementation of Off Balance Liabilities. It was just an article stuck in the financial pages and didn’t have a big headline or anything. I was some what confused.  I’m no accountant but I know enough about the English language to understand that a balance sheet means that it is balanced by showing your assets and your liabilities.  What could they possibly mean?   It’s not a balance sheet if you don’t show all your liabilities.  What were these guys talking about — off balance liabilities.  Well, it seems that if your a top economist or a government financial leader then you can just make the words mean anything you want. You can call it macaroni.  It’s easy for those guys. A balance sheet has assets on one side and macaroni on the other.  God bless Prof. William “Yankee” Doodle and God bless merica.

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Prof. Doodle sets the stage at the Declaration

The founding fathers were more like the floundering fathers as they were trying to get the revolution better organized.  They knew they had to get something down on paper but every one seemed to have a different idea.  They were especially hung up on the proposed text that stated that,”all men are created equal”.  The delegates could look out the windows and see the African slaves tending some of their carriages. With the debate at an impasse, Prof. Doodle stood and addressed the assembly, “Gentlemen, gentleman, are words the masters of men or are men the master of words?”  He then took his hat which was on the table before him and he took a quill pen and he stuck the feather quill into his hat and said, “Gentlemen, I declare that this is macaroni. I am prepared to debate anyone that says otherwise.  This is macaroni because I am the master of words and not vice versa.”  And with that declaration a new era for the merican people began. A republic was born and they called it a democracy.

Today we have a quid pro quo government and call representative. We have bribery and they call it campaign contributions.  We have extortion that is called science.  War is peace and up is down.

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Prof. William Doodle was the first father of our country, before George Washington.  The “founding fathers” (a term coined by Prof. Doodle) declared this shortly after the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.  Prof. Doodle played a pivotal roll in the creation of this document but in an exhibition of his great wisdom he suggested that it would be in the best interest of all concerned if his involvement was downplayed.  We have the lasting legacy of his genius in the immortal rhyme “Yankee Doodle went to town riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni.”  This blog is a tribute to Prof. Doodle for all that he has done for the merican people.

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