Prof. Doodle sets the stage at the Declaration

The founding fathers were more like the floundering fathers as they were trying to get the revolution better organized.  They knew they had to get something down on paper but every one seemed to have a different idea.  They were especially hung up on the proposed text that stated that,”all men are created equal”.  The delegates could look out the windows and see the African slaves tending some of their carriages. With the debate at an impasse, Prof. Doodle stood and addressed the assembly, “Gentlemen, gentleman, are words the masters of men or are men the master of words?”  He then took his hat which was on the table before him and he took a quill pen and he stuck the feather quill into his hat and said, “Gentlemen, I declare that this is macaroni. I am prepared to debate anyone that says otherwise.  This is macaroni because I am the master of words and not vice versa.”  And with that declaration a new era for the merican people began. A republic was born and they called it a democracy.

Today we have a quid pro quo government and call representative. We have bribery and they call it campaign contributions.  We have extortion that is called science.  War is peace and up is down.


About aubreyenoch

Mr. Fixit Can Fixit. He just can't fix it all at one time. Retired maintenance manager, truck driver, carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, welder, you get the idea. Trying to help those that don't see that there a difference between the thing and the symbol for the thing.
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