There’s plenty to be concerned about with PEAK OIL and GLOBAL WARMING and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and all that, but try to explain that to a mother with small children.  Mothers don’t want to go there. They’re all programed to raise these kids to be self sufficient and produce grandkids.  We’ve got a few hundred million of these mother types that have this thing called women’s intuition and that means that something inside them is telling them that something isn’t right.  They can’t see this future that has the grandkids in it  and someone needs to fix that. It’s the old story that if momma isn’t happy ain’t nobody going to be happy.  Well Dad, even if he’s got a clue, can’t fix it because this is a big problem.  Mom doesn’t know or care about the size of the problem.  She doesn’t care about excuses.  She just wants it fixed.  She has her ways of letting Dad know that she’s not happy.  Dad don’t know what the problem is except that mom’s a bitch. Kids are clueless and just want more stuff that they see on Virtual World.  Dad’s worried about his job, if he still has one, or just worried period if he doesn’t.  The RECOVERY is in the news but that’s the only place it is.  Out in the world some people are stocking up on beans and rice and ammo.  And some people shut the whole thing out of their mind. Most days on Earth are pretty much like the day before.  But all days are not like the day before.  April 18 was nothing like April 17 in San Francisco in 1906.      One day is just a regular day and then the earthquake hits and levels everything. Dec.6,1941 was a dawn in paradise on the island of Oahu.  Dec.7,1941 was a dawn with planes dropping bombs and strafing ships and sailors with machine guns. Occasionally today is not like yesterday at all.

It just doesn’t take a PhD to see that limitless growth on a finite planet does not compute.  Its right there with division by zero. So why can’t all these people that get paid big money because they are smart see that.  The moms know something isn’t right but they don’t know what it is.   The smart people in Washington, and Cambridge, and Palo Alto keep talking about a recovery.  These smart people keep saying that things will get back to normal in a few more quarters.  Does that mean we’re going to bring back a few million manufacturing jobs from overseas or what?  Does that mean we’re going to take Iran’s oil so we can keep our cars on the road?   What is wrong with these smart people?  They act like they’re on another planet from the rest of us.


About aubreyenoch

Mr. Fixit Can Fixit. He just can't fix it all at one time. Retired maintenance manager, truck driver, carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, welder, you get the idea. Trying to help those that don't see that there a difference between the thing and the symbol for the thing.
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