Behind The S Word – Is There Hope For Solar?

Honest to God.  I get an E-mail newsletter from The Energy Collective and they have a podcast entitled ” Is There Hope For Solar?”.  How about “is there hope for oxygen?”  Or maybe “is there hope for water”

Sunshine is the only income this planet has got.                                                                                  All the stored fossil fuels are ancient sunlight.                                                                                   All the food we eat is sunlight.                                                                                                    The weather is powered by sunlight.                                                                                                The oxygen we breath is liberated by sunlight.                                                                            This is a SOLAR SYSTEM in more ways than just the motion of bodies of matter around each other.  What could they possible mean? Is there hope?  Where does hope come in to all this.  Can we feed our kids hope sandwiches?  Will hope keep the house warm this winter?

If your setting inside nice and warm this winter with food on the table it’s because of sunshine.  Hope’s got nothing to do with it. Hope is what you have when you got nothing else.


About aubreyenoch

Mr. Fixit Can Fixit. He just can't fix it all at one time. Retired maintenance manager, truck driver, carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, welder, you get the idea. Trying to help those that don't see that there a difference between the thing and the symbol for the thing.
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