Symbolic thought is supposed to be the great advance that separates  homo sapiens from the rest.  So what happens when you can’t differentiate between the symbol and the thing that is symbolized?  Prof. Doodle explains this clearly.  His ideas present methods to overcome symbolic thought.   His writings were left to me by my late friend and great teacher, Furgus Bean.  The papers and books were left to Furgus by one of his great teachers. The intro letter that came with the package stated that the writings have been passed down from older teacher/pupil to younger teacher/pupil since the death of Prof. Doodle in 1789.      In the letter Prof. Doodle suggests that the existance of the writings should not be made public but that the ideas should be spread verbally, teacher to pupil, older generation to younger generation. Prof. Doodle entreats the stewards of the information that the physical writings must be kept from the authorities at all costs.


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